Permanent Makeup Correction

Permanent Makeup Correction

Correction of previous permanent makeup done by another artist. Multiple visits may be required depending on condition of the procedure area. 2 hours $350

Permanent Makeup Correction and Tattoo Lightening

These procedures are done to correct previous permanent makeup not done by Goddess Permanent Makeup. A consultation is required to determine if lightning must be performed or if it can be corrected with another permanent makeup application.

Tattoo Lightening is a process in which a lifting solution is tattooed into the procedure area to bond with the existing pigment particles and bring them to the surface. This may require multiple visits depending on the depth and color of existing permanent makeup. This can be done in conjunction with permanent makeup correction by lightning before applying new application.

Permanent Makeup Correction is done by using pigments that correct the tones and colors as well as perfecting the shape. It is always best to start with a clean slate but we can always improve what you currently have.

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