Freckles Tattoos and Beauty Marks

Semi-Permanent Freckles and Beauty Marks

Freckle simulation is available in natural colors for all skin types.
$150-300 depending on desired coverage. 1 hour starts at $150

Beauty Marks
“Just like Marilyn” Can be placed anywhere on face except on raised bumps and existing moles. 1 hour $100

One of the hottest new things in the world of cosmetic tattoos right now are semi-permanent freckle tattoos.

Celebrities like Emma Stone have been giving a cute sprinkle of face freckles quite the attention and more people are looking in the mirror to see if they can imagine themselves with sun-kissed cheeks. The only way to achieve that look naturally is by repeated long term sun exposure, which as we all know is horrible for aging, causing fine lines and wrinkles and also puts you at a larger risk for skin cancer.

If you are interested to see how freckles may look on your face, head to the drug store and get a basic medium to light brown eyebrow pencil and experiment with dotting them across your nose and cheeks. It’s not going to look as natural of course, as tattooed freckles are done to imitate the softer edges of that of an actual freckle, but it will give you the idea of what your face would look like with sun-kissed cheeks.

If you like how it looks it may be time to take the plunge. That’s where Goddess Permanent Makeup comes in. Our highly skilled technician will schedule a free consultation with you, show you examples, answer any questions, and make you feel at ease. We have a variety of different pigments to match any skin tone. Once the decision is made your technician will take a regular eyebrow pencil and draw on freckles. After she’s done, she will hand you a mirror for your approval and now is the time to speak up about placement or amount for your new freckles. Once you’ve worked together to establish the perfect freckle splash for your face, it’s time to do the procedure!

The procedure doesn’t last long, typically about 30-60 minutes and if you’ve ever had a piercing or tattoo you can expect the sensation to be about the same or more minimal depending on the client. We do use a topical anesthetic to make our clients as comfortable as possible. A handheld tool is used to carefully place the pigment into your skin.

Right after the procedure, the freckles will be fairly dark. In the next couple of days following they will lighten up and the edges will become softer and more blended looking. It’s important to follow the aftercare provided by your technician to be sure that you heal up as quick as possible. Once they are completely healed you will have the look of a sun goddess that’s been soaking in the rays at the beach all summer, without all the nasty side effects of sun exposure.

Simulated application of beauty marks an freckles are rising in popularity daily. Natural tones of pigments are implanted in the skin to create the illusion of having natural born freckles or a beauty mark just like Marilyn Monroe. These can be done anywhere on the face except existing raised bumps or moles. Freckles are actually a direct result of sun exposure and epidermal damage, so cosmetic tattooing is a completely safe way to acquire them naturally.

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