Permanent Makeup Aftercare

Aftercare and Healing

Always follow instructions given by the practitioner that performed your procedure.

At Goddess Permanent Makeup we are very dedicated to you, our client. We want everyone to heal from their procedure quickly and with no issues. Our aftercare is customized around your unique needs. From procedure to skin type and other aspects, everyone is different and requires a variety of instructions to evenly and quickly heal your procedure so that you can be your fabulous self as soon as possible.

Here are some general aftercare tips that are useful for all permanent makeup procedures:

  • No using swimming pools, hot tubs, or saunas while the area is healing.
  • Avoid sunlight exposure to the area and then always use waterproof sunblock after the area is completely healed to avoid any fading of the pigment.
  • Do not work out or do any activity that will make you sweat more than normal.
  • Do not use any makeup, lotions, or harsh soaps on the area until it is completely healed.
  • Always sleep on clean bed linens while you are healing.
  • NEVER scratch, rub, or pick at the area. The healing process includes the formation of a scab like tissue on the area and picking at it can remove the pigmentation.
  • If you have ANY questions before or after any procedure please reach out to us. We are always available and happy to answer any questions. We will do whatever we can to help you heal quickly and beautifully.

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